Birthplace Of Democracy Encounters The city 'Regime Change'

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The Eu has always boasted that it's a pressure for democracy a protector against coming back towards the authoritarian politics which have haunted parts in our region.

This, obviously, as recent occasions in A holiday in greece have confirmed, is total nonsense. The EU elite energy product is, and try to continues to be, the main publish-war threat to liberal, democratic values.
The entire edifice was created, as John Laughland shown in the seminal book The Tainted Source: The Undemocratic Roots from the European Idea, to limit the capability of people to carry their rulers to account.

The thought of a pan-European government was driven in the early, publish-war days by prominent people who was simply connected using the fascist politics from the inter-war period. People for example Robert Schuman, who had been the official in Petain's Vichy government, and Paul-Henri Spaak (mixed up in Belgian fascist movement).

Birthplace Of Democracy Encounters The city 'Regime Change'
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